When A Former WWE Superstar Quit After Being Told To Lose To The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the most popular gimmicks in professional history. The former multi-time world champion called it a day on his legendary career at the WWE Survivor Series show in 2020. Since then, he has made public appearances for WWE, but he has not wrestled a single match. Most recently, the Deadman was present backstage for the Royal Rumble premium live event.

Earlier today, in an interview with WSI’s James Romero, former WWE Superstar Shane Douglas disclosed that he left WCW after the bookers told him that he had to lose to the Undertaker in a 2-minute match. It happened back in the year 1990, when the Phenom wrestled under the name “Mean” Mark Callous. At that time, he beat his opponents with the heart punch finisher.


When trying to find out Jim Ross, Shane Douglas found Teddy Long. At that time, he learned that he received a booking of a glorified enhancement talent. After knowing about the way the bookers planned to book him on the show, Shane threw a garbage can at them and walked on WCW.

“He said, ‘Shane, you’ll do what you’re told tonight and like it.’ I said to him, ‘Then watch me walk the hell out of here.’ Then I threw a garbage can at him and go and get my bag,” Shane Douglas narrated. 


Will the Undertaker have one last match in WWE?

Many fans were happy to see the Undertaker retire the way he did from WWE. His last match came against The Phenomenal AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in what was the one and only Boneyard Match in WWE history.

The Deadman prevailed over Styles in that match. After that, he retired at Survivor Series. Fans expect him to come back for one last match because his last bout happened with no fans in attendance.


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