WWE’s White Rabbit Mystery Gets More Complex With The Latest QR Code That Leads In Multiple Directions

WWE’s White Rabbit mystery seems to be getting more and more complex with time and more clues are being dropped into it every week. Even new wrestlers are being referenced who had nothing to do with it until now.

It all started at a SmackDown taping in September, when the lights had cut off at the Honda Center, during an untelevised segment at the break, and the famous psychedelic song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane started playing, making the crowd present wave their phone flashlights like they used to, during Bray Wyatt’s fireflies entrance.


Bray Wyatt’s return has been widely speculated since Triple H started rehiring last year’s released talent but all rumored dates and scenarios of his return have proven to be wrong.

Since then, WWE has been adding fuel to the fire by dropping clues in the form of videos, playing the song again during live events, and even started flashing QR codes during their episodes that lead to cryptic messages indicating the return date and time of Bray Wyatt’s return. They have even gone as far as to place fliers on parked cars at the arena to confuse the fans.


The latest riddle added to this phenomenon was on this week’s RAW where a QR code was flashed, part of which was a binary code that spelled GACY. It’s either a reference to the famous American serial killer or Joe Gacy from NXT. Gacy has often been referred to as a knock-off of Bray Wyatt and he has taken to social media to claim his 15 minutes of fame, by quoting lines from the Fiend song, to changing his Twitter profile picture with crossed eyes like Wyatt used to do, even dropping rabbit emojis and references on his social media.


The QR code (flashed right after an Alexa Bliss sighting , who had betrayed Wyatt) however led to a biblical picture of Samson and Delilah (Delilah had betrayed Samson) which also led to another page with a picture of Samson taking down the temple that had co ordinates to the Wells Fargo Centre where Extreme Rules happens this Saturday. The initial page had a hidden code which showed the date of the event, i.e. 10-08-2022. A code from the page leads to a warning by Dante that was used by Wyatt earlier and a URL on the picture weirdly led to a page selling Japanese White Rabbit milk.

Bray Wyatt had himself tweeted a picture of Samson and Delilah to play along.


To be honest, all this riddling is nothing but WWE’s evil genius at play to keep the interest alive in their product and upcoming events at the cost of Wyatt and to sell merchandise. According to industry insiders, Wyatt hasn’t returned because of failed contract negotiations regarding his asking price. These codes should be treated as jokes, nothing more.



Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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