5 WWE Superstars Who Could Join Edge In His Faction Against The Judgement Day

Edge started a new faction named The Judgement Day on WWE RAW earlier this year. Former WWE United States Champion Damian Priest was the first Superstar to join him in his journey of darkness. The next Superstar to join The Judgement Day was former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley.

Edge, Ripley and Priest dominated the RAW roster. They had a rivalry with the trio of AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan, where The Judgment Day came out on top. However, on the RAW episode after Hell in a Cell, Balor joined the Judgement Day and turned on Edge. The Hall of Famer has been on a hiatus since then.


WWE has aired some mysterious vignettes, hinting at Edge’s return. However, he alone cannot tackle the trio of Balor, Priest and Ripley. So, some of the following five Superstars may join him.

1. AJ Styles may help Edge

AJ Styles and Edge had an entertaining rivalry this year which ended with the mixed tag team match at Hell in a Cell. Since the Rated-R Superstar has been betrayed by his partners, he may consider forming an alliance with Styles and avenge the betrayal.


2. Rey Mysterio may help Edge

Rey Mysterio has been involved in a feud with The Judgement Day of late. Considering his recent storyline, he could unite forces with the Rated-R Superstar.

3. Dominik Mysterio may help Edge

Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik is also a part of this feud. To give Dominik a push, WWE may consider booking him in the storyline.


4. Queen Zelina

Queen Zelina has been on a hiatus owing to some injury issues. She could make a surprise return to WWE soon and help the legend level the forces against Rhea Ripley.

5. Naomi

There is a question mark over Naomi’s current WWE status. It will be an absolute shocker if WWE books her to return as an associate of the Rated-R Superstar and attack Ripley.


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