R-Truth sparks further chaos in Judgment Day with this special message for Rey Mysterio

Ever since the arrival of R-Truth back in WWE, the Judgment Day has never known peace. The JD has been in shatters altogether and Ron Killings is doing what suits the storyline for Judgment Day perfectly. More importantly he has acted as a breach between Damian Priest and Finn Balor and that rift there is what has excited the fans extremely.

Rey Mysterio, the legendary Luchador, teamed up with Dominik Mysterio and did wresak havoc significantly. They also got Edge joining their ranks and fighting the Judgment Day, a a faction was created by the R-Rated Superstar. However, Dominik Mysterio turned on his father and Edge and joined the JD, following the trail of Rhea Ripley.


However, ever since R Truth has come to the JD, not even a single member has been in peace as they have not only lost matches but they have fought amongst themselves. In the latest episode of WWE Raw, R Truth’s offer to Damian Priest followed by a push from the Archer of Infamy. However, post this move, Drew McIntyre planted Damian with a Claymore.

Here is what Ron Killings aka R-Truth had to say to Rey Mysterio about Dominik Mysterio

There were also heated scenes in the Judgment Day locker room where Damian went head-on after Rhea Ripley and definitely looked happy. It’s all chaos at the moment for Judgment Day and R Truth added another late pint to it as he sent a message to Rey Mysterio, eventually playing the trouble-maker for JD.


Killings said in an interview with Sportskeeda, “Be strong. I am looking over Dom. He is in good hands. We are the Judgment Day Rey. Just keep doing what you’re doing. And I’ll make sure Dom is taken care of. It is what it is Rey, and the best thing I can say is live, laugh and (gestures a heart) love.”



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