Oba Femi’s mother reveals NXT star’s real age

It seems that WWE is making all the right noises about their superstars on NXT as the latest wrestler to have a push in recent times was Oba Femi, the Nigerian star who cashed in on his shot at cashing in on an opportunity which he took and now he holds the NXT North American championship.

Ever since his rise in the WWE NXT circuit, there was a massive roar about the age of the youngster where murmurs were to be heard about that he may be just 22. However, a new light has been cast over the entire scenario and it states that Oba Femi is just 22 years old.


However, his mother has cleared the air around the entire scenario and it states that he is not 22 years old but 25 which somewhat now makes the fans believe that Oba’s mother is saying the truth and that justifies the kind of strength that he brings along with himself to the platter.

The entire ruckus started when someone claimed that Oba Femi actually became the youngest WWE superstar to hold onto a title. With Oba Femi’s stature, the fans couldn’t believe that they were witnessing a 22-year old wrestler shaking the entire foundation.


Here is how Oba Gemi worked up the echelons of WWE NXT

Going by the fine run of Oba Femi, in the first couple of years, it was just working regularly in the company without making a few ripples. However, once he returned from the hiatus that he took, he was spewing fire and all the world knew that the next thing on the block was him winning the North American championship.

With his wrestling flair on the line, fans believe if the booking goes perfectly for Oba Femi, the 25-year-old superstar maybe the next big thing on WWE’s roster. But only time shall tell that whether he is capable of enduring all the heat and the flames.


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