“Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal has got me Hook-ed!”, former WWE legend, Bully Ray takes a massive potshot at Tony Khan

In the upcoming episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins will be defending his championship against the Modern day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal. The man who has garnered tremendous support from the wrestling community on social media engagement after Tony Khan, the owner of AEW took a potshot at him, will be raring to hit the stride with one of the finest wrestlers in the industry for the time being.

Former WWE legend, Bully Ray who is also know as Bubba Ray Dudley expressed his support for Jinder Mahal who also happens to be former WWE Champion when he went onto pin the Apex Predator. Fans are also excited to witness this battle of extreme proportions where Mahal is known for his incredible workload.


Similarly, Bully Ray also wants to see this battle happen and he believes that this is one wrestling contest that will be starring some serious firepower and will leave the fans hooked to the screen. Merely hours ahead of this exciting battle of these two heavyweights, Ray went onto leave a tweet that made the WWE universe take notice.

Here is what Bully Ray and Booker T had to say about Tony Khan and Hook

Ray posted the tweet called “This match has me hooked” and that was s direct insult to Hook, another wrestler plying his trade for AEW. Not only did Bully Ray went onto slam Tony Khan but former WWE icon, Booker T also made a vicious remark towards Tony, slamming him for his former comments.


Tony said, “For me, it’s definitely low brow, as far as Tony Khan going after Jinder Mahal. Just like I said, talent has nothing to do with this war, other than being a soldier and going out there and doing the job. You know, if Jinder Mahal did not get a win for a year, and he went out there and did that job for that full year, he did his job. He was a soldier. So for me, [for] the generals to be calling out to soldiers — which Tony Khan should be looking at himself as a general, being the guy that’s commanding that company and then calling all the shots.”



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