Ryback Leaves Enigmatic Tweet That Hints At His Pro-Wrestling Return

In ​​a piece of explosive news for the pro-wrestling fans, Ryan Reeves popularly known as Ryback will be returning to the ring after a hiatus of almost five long years.

A destructive grappler who laid multiple wrestlers to waste with his brutal strength and unstoppable gait, Ryback’s relationship with his former employer, WWE was soured at the end of a forgettable stint that started on a promising note.


Ryback’s rise to glory

He first came to prominence when he finished as one of the eight finalists of WWE’s Tough Enough 4. He made further advancements in the spheres of Deep South Wrestling, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling.

In 2010, he burst onto the main scene as he started his NXT stint as Skip Sheffield. He made his debut in WWE’s main roster as a part of Team Nexus.


After the disbanding of Nexus, Ryback started an intimidating surge of his own that saw him forging a 38-match-winning streak that met its conclusion after Brad Maddox pinned him controversially.

The spells that followed after Ryback’s emergence in WWE were stuff that made people believe that he was destined for greatness.


Sadly, his relationship with WWE soured after injuries started getting more predominant for Reeves. An altercation was sparked after Ryback and WWE went their separate paths regarding a gulf about a battle royale match.

In August 2016, Ryback was released from the company after the dispute intensified and he later posted on his personal Tumblr page that it was his decision to walk away from the match as the company didn’t believe in equal pay.


The downfall of the hungry beast

He then continued fighting on the independent circuit and didn’t lose a single match between 2017 and 18. However, since 2018, he hasn’t fought a single bout.

Recently teasing an AEW return, he tweeted, “You’re not the most famous pro wrestler on Tik Tok without a match in 3 years for no reason. Your hero is returning soon and you will cheer me because you believe in my actions. #Hungry.”


It will be interesting to see that which company would Ryback join after a hiatus of three years. However, wherever he will go, a trail of bodies will follow.


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