“You’re A Fool, You Killed The World” Uncle Howdy Interrupts Bray Wyatt

We saw the arrival of Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Howdy on SmackDown’s latest episode after last week’s teaser.

SmackDown was taping at St. Louis, Missouri this week. In the main event segment Wyatt was once again addressing his inner demons and said that he no longer needed to hide behind masks. As usual, he bambled cryptic things like he goes to a very, very dark place and at a time he will be asked to do something horrible. He was interrupted then by this “Uncle Howdy” character who gave us more than a teaser this time.


The arena went pitch black and another QR code flashed on the screen. Then Uncle Howdy appeared on the screen and removed a previously seen grinning mask from his face. He called himself “the ghost of the man who sold the world”. He said, “You’re a fool, you killed the world,” “You sent him away, and now, you’re just a shell of what you once were…You’ll never be able to hide from me, your Uncle Howdy!” This entire video promo had the same disturbed transmission like we have seen earlier with Wyatt’s segments.

The episode ended with a close up shot of the scary looking character followed by Wyatt’s new logo.


Uncle Howdy’s promo:


The QR code flashed before Howdy’s promo takes us to Wyatt’s photo with multiple “Liar” printed all over his face.

We got a better look at Howdy’s face this time which looked like a prosthetic mask of a ghostly old cowboy. Judging by the voice, it seems like Bray Wyatt is himself behind the mask and Uncle Howdy is his alter ego like The Fiend was. It also has an eerie resemblance to Wyatt’s real life uncle Barry Windham, who is a WWE Hall Of Famer.


Some suggest that it could be Bo Dallas behind the mask, former WWE superstar and Wyatt’s younger brother. There are rumours of his return.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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