“If I have to have it, I’ll do it my way”, John Cena sends Logan Paul in splits with a hilarious response to the formation of his Instagram account

John Cena continues to be one of the driving forces even if he is not being a part of the company directly. He has been a driving force for the industry even with his bare minimum words and his cryptic posts that has left the WWE Universe absolutely baffled. Guess what Cena even had an explanation for the same and that is what drove the WWE fans crazy for the entire showdown.

The drama that encircles Cena’s Instagram account is all about the enigmatic posts that he make and at times fans would say that why does he even do that. Talking on the Impaulsive Podcast with Logan Paul, Cena decoded the logic behind his Insta posts. Logan said that there was a time when he saw the account and thought it to be basically a fake account considering no context to the posts.


Logan Paul said, “Your Instagram, John. You are one of the most famous people on the planet and your Instagram is one of the most perplexing places I’ve ever seen. When I go to @JohnCena, I wasn’t sure if I was on the right account. But it had 20 million.”

Here is what John Cena had to say about his Instagram account to Logan Paul

He continued, “We want you to interpret what this photo of Benjamin Franklin that you posted meant. What did you mean when you posted that, John?”


John responded by starting the entire conversation with how it all started. He shed some light on how it continued and how it keeps on thriving. Cena said, “The WWE at the time when Instagram launched was like, ‘You have to have an Instagram.’ So if I have to have it, I’ll do it my way. The very first post is a post of a writer who was working with me at the time, Ryan Ward. It’s a close up of his mustache. I didn’t put anything, no tags, no nothing. I said I’d never post a picture of my face, I would never add any text, I would just see if this could work and it has become like art.” 

He said that once he started, the entire account took flight on his own even without any intended activity from the leader of Cenation.


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