Vickie Guerrero Revealed Brock Lesnar Misses Eddie Everyday

Eddie Guerrero is one of the most well-known Superstars in the pro wrestling world. Fans enjoyed his work inside the squared circle. However, the Mexican-American professional wrestler died at the age of 38 years on November 13, 2005.

Eddie had many memorable matches during his pro wrestling career, and one of them was again Brock Lesnar. While Lesnar loves to keep his life private, other Superstars often reveal lesser-known private details about his life.


During her appearance on The Payoff Podcast in 2019, Vickie Guerrero, the wife of Eddie, revealed that whenever Brock Lesnar meets her, they hug and Lesnar tells her that he misses Eddie everyday. Here’s what Vickie had to say:

Brock is just amazing. Brock loved Eddie. He’ll hug me and say, ‘I still miss Eddie everyday.’ And that’s just something really special when I get to see Brock.”


Brock Lesnar left WWE shortly after Eddie Guerrero’s death. He soon went to Japan and joined New Japan Pro Wrestling. After a long time away from WWE, Lesnar finally returned to Vince McMahon’s company and has been an important member of the WWE roster ever since.

Brock Lesnar will be in attendance at the Staples Center for SmackDown on December 10

Many WWE fans would know that the company recently suspended Brock Lesnar after he attacked the officials of the company. WWE official Adam Pearce even fined him a million dollars. However, Lesnar is now all set to come to SmackDown as a spectator.


Staples Center recently announced on Twitter that Brock has brought a ticket for the show and will watch the SmackDown on December 10 live. It will be interesting to see what The Beast Incarnate does at the Staples Center. It would not be a surprise if he goes after the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Also, he could announce himself as the first entrant in the Royal Rumble 2022 match.



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