Trouble Brewing Within The Bloodline. Which Two Members Don’t Like Each Other.

Bloodline  Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn has some dissension brewing within the group against him and it’s from his fellow teammate, Jey Uso. Jey has been visibly always irritated by Zayn and always tries to keep him at a hand’s distance. It’s evident that he has trust issues with Sami and WWE has capitalized on this potential rivalry by asking the WWE Universe on Twitter, if they are with #TeamSami or #TeamJey. This has irked the red-bearded superstar and he has asked them to take the poll down immediately and not to create a divide among them.

Sami has been at the receiving end of Jey’s anger many times and he has even acknowledged this on his twitter multiple times, trying to subdue the tension between them by saying that they may not agree every time but at the end they get the job done.


After losing credibility in the locker room, Zayn had attempted to join the Bloodline in April by helping them in some occasions and by being consistent in his pursuit, he was finally deemed as the “Honorary Uce” or Honorary brother of the group. He has since tagged along with them during matches and has even taken beatings on their behalf. Safe to say he is the lackey of the group.


Things have even gotten physical between the two when Jey tore the old tshirt off Sami Zayn before Roman gave him a new one. Also they had literally butt heads once during a tag team match.


Sami had refused to hit his former best friend Kevin Owens during Owens’ match with Jey which caused Uso to lose and his doubts on Sami were even further solidified after that.

He has been riding the coattails of the Bloodline for months now and has incredible comic timing and a personality that has fans in splits but he can’t be an honorary member forever and will eventually be kicked out of the group as we have seen many times in factions earlier. Till then, we should just enjoy his top notch comedy.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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