“AJ Styles doesn’t like you anymore”, former TNA superstar jokingly shuts up fan about the Phenomenal One

AJ Styles has been rocking and rolling his way through WWE for a while now. The legend who got made in Impact wrestling arrived in the Stamford based wrestling organization and the rest they say is history. Of late, shocking everyone, AJ Styles has chosen to don black and that means that he is all set to unfurl the heel in him.

However, as the fans would like, he is more of an anti-hero now, playing alongside Randy Orton and LA Knight in taking down the Bloodline. Also on that very note he is teasing LA Knight for a future rivalry which may or may not take place considering how does WWE plan to lay down the tables for the trio in the current storyline.


The Phenomenal One was previously the leader of OC that proved to be one of the toughest WWE factions where he paired alongside Luke Gallows and Kal Anderson. The faction fought well with the Judgment Day and in order to balance the scales against JD’s Rhea Ripley, they brought in Yim. They also went to battle the Bloodline before Styles abandoned his partners midway and emerge solo.

Here is what the Blasian Blade had to say about AJ Styles

Ther was a murmur in the WWE echelons that AJ Styles didn’t like the Blasian Blade. However, the two former Impact Superstars made it clear that there was no heat between them whatsoever. They were happy in the way they wanted to work and the faction looked in decent control too.


In a post made by a fan on Twitter or X, it said, “‘AJ don’t like you no more,’ the fan allegedly said to Yim. ‘Me: I CAN FIX HIM,'” Yim jokingly responded with the attached photo.”

Styles and Yin have formerly teamed up thrice where the JD has defeated the OC in in November 2022 but a month later, Styles, Yim and Anderson defeated Balor, Priest and Rhea in a live action match-up.


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