The Undertaker Reveals How Social Media Could Have Impacted His Character In 1990s

The Undertaker is one of the most respected Superstars in WWE history. He retired from in-ring competition at WWE Survivor Series 2020. However, he has appeared in the media regularly. In the interviews he has participated, The Deadman has disclosed some lesser-known stories about his career.

Recently, the Phenom revealed how he changed the result of a match and allowed The Rock to beat him on a RAW episode. In the same chat with Kevin Hart, the Undertaker described how social media could have made it tougher for him to maintain his character in the 1990s.


Fans catch up with the WWE Superstars off-screen these days. They obviously are not in character. Hence, when the fans post selfies with the stars on social media, the kayfabe no longer exists. For a character like The Undertaker, the mystery was the main thing. Had fans posted photos with him back then, the character may not have been so impactful.

“It would have been very difficult for me to do things the way that I did them with social media along the whole way. You can’t walk out on the street without somebody taking a picture and posting it,” The Undertaker said. 


Will The Undertaker return to WWE for one last match?

Fans were happy to see the Deadman wrestle for so many years. However, there will always be one thing that may hurt the Phenom and his fans. That thing is the fact that The Undertaker wrestled his last match with no fans in attendance.

His last match was against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. It was a cinematic Boneyard match. Fans still hope that the Deadman comes back for one last match at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas. The chances are low, but there is a popular saying in WWE and that is ‘Never say Never.’


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