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“I Never Should’ve Done What I Did”- Goldberg On His Match Vs. Undertaker

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg gave his honest opinion on his match against the Undertaker at the Super Showdown premium live event in the year 2019. The company hyped the match as a Once in a Lifetime. It was a battle between two of the legendary Superstars in WWE history. The Phenom and the Myth made a name for themselves by crushing their opponents.

Since WWE always brought back the legends for the Saudi Arabian shows, they decided to book a dream match between the Undertaker and Goldberg in 2019. Many fans had high hopes from the two legends, but the match was full of botches. It was visible that both Superstars had passed their prime, and the match should have taken place 10-15 years ago.


In a recent interview, Goldberg commented on his match against the Deadman and admitted that he should not have the things he did. Notably, the Myth headbutted a door before the match and then hit hard into the turnbuckle to make the match realistic.

He compared the situation to a concussion and said it was challenging for him to complete the match. Here’s what the former Universal Champion had to say:


“The fact is, I never should’ve done what I did. But I did, I tried to go through with it but unfortunately, it turned out to be a debacle. It’s a wonder that we both didn’t get smashed during that match.”

Will Goldberg return to WWE soon?

During the same interview, the former Universal Champion said that he has one last match left in his contract. So it can either take place in Saudi Arabia or at WrestleMania 38. It will be interesting to see when he returns.


Some fans expect that the WWE Hall of Famer can make his comeback at the upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event. Whatever happens, it should be exciting.



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