“I’m going to retire that piece of…”, Ryback throws open challenge to WWE legend for one last match

Wrestling itself is a risky sport where fractures, dislocations and all are just a part and parcel of the game. However, entertainment wrestling is a notch higher and as things stand the injuries are a lot more than the usual mat. For the ones who believe that wrestling is fake, the results are scripted yes, but when it comes to battling the demons in the ring, it is not easy. All the shots taken, all the chops, all the splashes and what not, they are all real.

In 2016, when Ryback finished his contract and was released into the wilderness by WWE, the big men machine went into exile. He held the Intercontinental Championship for over 110 days before dropping it to Kevin Owens once and for all. The incident happened in the Night of the Champions 2015.


Later he worked his way out in a handful of independent circuits before finally going away from in-ring wrestling. Talking on Ryback TV, the feeding machine addressed an underlying injury that dampened his chances of an in-ring return.

Here is what Ryback had to say about his injuries

Ryback said, “My right shoulder that needed to be replaced as I had no cartilage in the shoulder joint from negligent WWE doctors, injecting cortisone into it multiple times in a year and lying to me, that’s been a much more difficult issue. I have massive scar tissue built up everywhere from my pec, my bicep, my tricep, my shoulder, my rear deltoid, and all the rhomboid and scapula region and trap region, in which if we could finish breaking up this scar tissue, which takes daily work.”


He further added, “There’s a possibility that I will be able to return to pro wrestling in some capacity and I’m remaining optimistic towards that goal.”

In fact he also challenged Goldberg to a retirement match, stating, “And what everybody’s talking about is for the greatest, the greatest return of all time, this year. For when, finally, finally, ‘The Big Guy’ Ryback returns home and when I return home, I’m going to retire that piece of… Bill Goldberg once and for all.”


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