NXT North American Champion Wes Lee Is Attacked By A Returning Heavyweight

Wes Lee retained his NXT North American Championship against Carmelo Hayes on the latest NXT in a hard fought main event match. As he just started to celebrate his victory, he faced an assault by a returning heavyweight superstar. It was Dijak, formerly known as T-BAR on RAW and Dominik Dijakovic on the old NXT.

Long time rivals Lee and Hayes were in a match for the North American title again after Lee won it from Hayes at Halloween Havoc last month. Carmelo’s buddy Trick Williams wasn’t with him during this bout because the challenger wanted to win the title clean, without Williams’ help. In a highly entertaining high flying contest, both the champ and his opponent laid it all out in the ring.


However, at one point Trick Williams made his way to the ringside to support Hayes ignoring orders. But Wes knew Trick’s intentions and took him out outside the ring with a high flying move. After some back & forth, he pinned Carmelo in the end.


As he was celebrating, a graphic showed cage doors opening and closing over Lee’s graphic. As he turned around, there was Dijak standing behind him in a new avatar. He picked up the champion and delivered a move on him that looked like a GTS.


Dijak first started teasing his return at Halloween Havoc by burning his T-BAR mask from RETRIBUTION. These teasers have played now and then on many NXT episodes. As T-BAR, he was only getting used as a jobber on the main roster and performing mostly on the Main Event show. However on his last run with NXT, he was a top name and challenged for both the North American and NXT championships. He was known for some memorable spots with the then NXT champion Keith Lee.

Therefore, him going back to his NXT roots and reinventing himself, is a good idea. The 6’7 star definitely has massive hidden potential.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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