WWE Is Reportedly Planning To Bring Braun Strowman Back

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter released by Dave Meltzer, it has been notified that WWE will most likely be attempting to rehire Braun Strowman after his shock release in the preceding month.

This imperative observation arrived after a sudden surge in AEW’s signing spree. With rumours about All Elite Wrestling swinging for the fence to rope in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, if this transfer manifests, nothing will be bigger for the industry.


In order to balance the scale back in case of possible titanic signings by AEW, WWE is looking forward to bringing a few of their stars back to the industry. Samoa Joe was rehired to be a part of NXT after he was released earlier this year.

However, any official communication is still to arrive about whether WWE will be bringing back The Monster Amongst Men to the ring after he was released earlier this year.


Braun Strowman’s sudden release shocked the Universe

He was released by the company on June 2nd alongside several other WWE superstars. However, the WWE universe was starstruck at his release due to his towering stature inside the ring.

The fact that added more fuel to the surprise of the fans about his shock release was his involvement in the title bout with Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.


He was released from the company because of an alleged pay cut that WWE wanted to impose. Strowman was sitting atop a huge contract, and WWE’s budget cut compelled the company to release the Monster Amongst Men.

WWE’s current pool of stars barring a few talents has failed to keep the hype around the company alive. The return of Cena and Goldberg raises further questions on the current crop of wrestlers that will accentuate WWE’s concern about bringing Strowman back to the ring.


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