Five Possible Finishes To Reigns Vs Cena At Summerslam

Two moments of madness lit up the Money in the Bank night more than anything on the face of the world, and that was an insane match between Edge and Roman Reigns and the return of John Cena that erupted the WWE universe into a delirious frenzy.

Just when the universe was consumed by a slugfest between Edge and Rollins in the gallery, Reigns picked up the mic from Paul Heyman and quoted, “Now the world can acknowledge me”. That is when the age-old pompous music of John Cena hit the titantron and the universe was absolutely in roars.


Ending a long hiatus from the ring, Cena returned to the roster unannounced and the audience simply failed to contain their excitement.

Going by the reports, WWE is planning a blockbuster match at the Summerslam that will involve Roman Reigns and John Cena. In fact, there are a few hearsays that these two may even fight at the forthcoming Wrestlemania.


However, the bigger goal of this insane feud has various tributaries that may be materialized. We will be taking a look at five possible outcomes of the John Cena and Roman Reigns feud.

John Cena beats Roman Reigns to lift his record-breaking title

If any kind of injury doesn’t play spoilsport, Cena is certain to feature in Summerslam as per the latest media release from WWE. That begs the question that how much effort will the authority have to put in this storyline to keep it burning until Reigns gets the perfect run-up to his war with the Rock in the next Wrestlemania.


It is highly possible that this rancor between two of the topmost wrestlers in the canon at the moment will be evenly be shared. Cena will get his fair share of triumph that can even see him breaking the record of Ric Flair. Reigns, on the contrary, will most likely be brutalizing Cena in order to become a much-more aggravated version of himself that will bathe in Cena’s blood.

The Tribal Chief goes for a last-man-standing bout with Rollins at his ringside while Edge stands in Cena’s corner

With the recent development and with Ambrose gone, the formation of Shield is no longer a possibility. However, a unified heel partnership between Rollins and Reigns is irresistible for the Universe to snub. Rollins has been at the top of his grappling flair for a while now, and Reigns has undoubtedly proved to be one of the most efficient heels.


Edge has returned as a babyface and Cena has always been a face. It may very well be possible that Rollins will intervene in a bout of Cena and Reigns that will see Edge coming out to level the equation with the King Slayer. With WWE’s proclivity towards turning this kind of scrimmage into a full-blown explosion, the battle for the belt can very well be held up for a while.

Reigns enforces a four-man tag team match, making good use of the USOS and Rollins

With the rivalry all set to be dragged almost until the end of this year, WWE will have to introduce something different than just pitting the two titans against each other. USOS has been very heavily linked with Reigns and has actively participated in defending the Tribal Chief on multiple occasions. Now with the emergence of Rollins, Reigns may compel a faction to be formed in order to terrify the roster.


Cena, on the contrary, will be teaming up with Edge and the Mysterios to challenge the unholy alliance that the former Big Dog may be very interested in making. The final showdown between Reigns and Cena will take a good deal of time to be concocted.

Cena gets defeated in a one-on-one match, but the Rock appears on the screen

Though there is no official confirmation of the immediate return of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to the ring, a feud with Reigns has been confirmed in the forthcoming WMs. However, this will be a long build-up, and it is almost certain that the family angle will be the premise of the bout.


Reigns have been very diligently working in securing his name as the Head of the Table that flags the fact that he is the family’s primary breadwinner. However, The Rock’s incomes have been overwhelmingly more than the Big Dog, and it may happen that these two will be fighting over the table for the family’s pole position. However, it is expected that after an intense bout between Reigns and Cena that will almost flatten both of them down and out, Rock may appear on the titantron issuing a word of admonition to his cousin.

The bout between these two ends in Cena’s favor but only in a DQ with The Big Dog unleashing a vicious assault on Cena

Reigns have previously terrorized the ring during his stint with the Shield. That was a perfectly carried out villainous role by the Big Dog, and he had a massive inclination towards the carnage.


With Reigns already the champions, a disqualification victory will not count for Cena because the title will not be changing hands. It is expected that an intense bout between the dup takes place, but roman gets frustrated and attacks the leader of Cenation until the 16-time World Champions pass out.



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