“She was in an extremely vulnerable position”, Janel Grant’s lawyer comes out in the open with her client’s current condition

At the moment, Vince McMahon has found himself caught in a soup after Janel Grant has coming knock on his doors with a 67-page lawsuit. The former WWE chief has been questioned in his role in forcing Janel into sexual activities with himself and then following it over with the likes of WWE executive, John Laurinaitis.

Grant was a part of the organization’s legal team from 2019-22 where she was forced to do things which were very much sexual in nature and can be dampening for any superstar whatsoever. Truth being told, former WWE wrestlers have also deviated from the notion that it is the safest company to work with under the chaperonage of Vince.


Grant’s lawyer, Ann Calis has come out raging stating that her client is devastated after what happened wherein Vince continues to deny the allegations. He has countered the allegations with reports of being false.

Here is what Ann Calis had to say about Vince McMahon and her client Janel Grant

In an interview with Law and Crime, Calis said, “What happened to her, and what we allege, left her physically and mentally absolutely destroyed, so she is trying to recover, and she believes this is the first step. Filing this lawsuit took such tremendous courage from her.”


The latest development has forced Vince McMahon to step down from TKO as a board member which he has said that is a move in an ode to his respect for the company. Callis further added, “She was in an extremely vulnerable position when she first encountered Vince McMahon. Her parents had passed – she was the primary caregiver for her parents – so already, besides being an inordinately uneven playing field between Vince McMahon and Janel, our client, she still tried to conduct herself, tried to be the best possible employee for the WWE that she could be under the most devastating and sexually depraved circumstances.”



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