CM Punk may have been injured in his Royal Rumble match – Reports

In what can possibly be a tricky development for WWE, CM Punk has been allegedly injured even though there is no concrete statement to back this claim. From the reports of a few fans alongside and the convergence of the referees, it looked like that Punk may have taken a bump while landing hard on his elbows.

It was a ferocious battle between him and the American Nightmare as they lasted in the battle of the final four. Eventually Punk was eliminated by the champion, Cody after a battle for the ages. Every move eked out an oomph from the WWE Universe but then it was a heartbreak for the Straight Edge Superstar fans.


The Second City saint landed on his elbow after taking a DDT from Drew McIntyre. Even though initially it looked completely fine but then at the end of the contest when he was eliminated, he was clutching onto his elbow which instantly made the fans go petrified considering the fact that WWE has bigger plans surrounding Phil Brooks.

Here is CM Punk has played out after his return

Brooks returned to WWE after a decade where Triple H played an instrumental role in getting the champion back. Not only did Punk cut a couple of impressive promos with Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes which was absolutely loved by the WWE fans, he was also impressive in the Royal Rumble where he was a part of the final two.


However, all hopes for Punk met a crashing end as the American Nightmare would go onto win the title and celebrate with his ticket to Wrestlemania as Roman Reigns watched on. There was just despair for Punk. With that being said, let’s just hope that Phil Brooks aka CM Punk is absolutely fine and will be available for Wrestlemania which is the biggest heartthrob of wrestling entertainment.



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