The Undertaker Reveals Why He Allowed The Rock To Defeat Him

The Undertaker and The Rock are two of the most popular Superstars in WWE history. Both of them are no longer so active in pro wrestling. While the Deadman called it a day on his career at WWE Survivor Series 2020, The Rock has not retired from the squared circle yet. In fact, according to rumors, The Rock will probably return to WWE next year and face off against his cousin Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38.

Since retiring, The Undertaker has shared many lesser-known stories about his WWE career. Recently, in a chat with Kevin Hart, The Phenom recalled how he allowed The Brahma Bull to defeat him on an episode of WWE RAW. Sharing the details of the match, The Undertaker said:


“I think one of them would be your buddy The Rock way back in the day. You could tell he was right there on the threshold, and we were in a match on Monday Night RAW. A bunch of different things going on, and we got kind of screwed up, and I had to audible. I had to change things. I’m the tenured vet there, right.”

To make up for the things screwed up, The Undertaker called an audible and told The Rock ‘Alright kid, it’s your night.’ He then ate The Rock Bottom and took the pinfall.


How Vince McMahon reacted to The Rock defeating The Undertaker

While WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would have lost his mind had any other Superstar tried to change the match’s result, he did not do so with The Undertaker because of the respect and trust he had in him. The Undertaker added:

“I told Vince, I said look, we were in trouble time-wise, he said, ‘Anytime. You know, I trust you.”


It will be interesting to see if The Rock returns to WWE again and has a rivalry with Roman Reigns.



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