NXT Superstars Recruit RAW Superstars For Their NXT Matches

On RAW yesterday, two NXT stars showed up. They were both backstage for the same purpose. Both trying to recruit RAW superstars to help them in their matches on the upcoming NXT.

Cora Jade approached Rhea Ripley to convince her to come to NXT and beat up Roxanne Perez. Ripley agreed to do so and now she will face Perez in a match.


Perez has already selected an opponent for Cora Jade on Friday’s SmackDown show and it’s the dominating Raquel Rodriguez.


This selection of each other’s opponents by them is the result of the Pick Your Poison stipulation. This stipulation happened on the Grayson Waller Effect segment on the 4th October episode of NXT. Both Jade and Perez were invited to the segment where Waller let them know that they would pick each other’s opponents. This would happen on the go-home episode on October 18th before Halloween Havoc. He then went ahead to spin the wheel on the stage which stopped at a Weapons Wild Match. Therefore, this Saturday at Halloween Havoc, Cora, and Roxanne face each other in a Weapons Wild Match. By the sound of it, it should be a hardcore no-disqualification match.

Cameron Grimes too approached AJ Styles and the OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) backstage to recruit them against the Schism (Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid). Gallows and Anderson agreed to join him for his match against the cult for some cash-only benefits, as Grimes is a rich man.


The cult-like trio of Schism tried to recruit Grimes into their ranks last month during NXT, which he promptly declined. They have vowed revenge against the happy-go-lucky rich superstar ever since. This time, however, he will have the backing of the Good Brothers of Gallows and Anderson in a trios tag team match. However, a mysterious person in a red hoodie has often accompanied the unholy trio. Maybe, he becomes a wildcard in this match.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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