Elektra Lopez And Indi Hartwell’s Feud Could Turn Into A Three Way

WWE NXT superstar Elektra Lopez is currently feuding with her NXT colleague Indi Hartwell. The feud started when La Madrina returned to NXT a few weeks back. Lopez shared a video clip from her official TikTok account that shows Hartwell arguing with Roxanne Perez. The clip shows the two in a verbal altercation backstage at a live event while Nikkita Lyons and others try to separate them. Elektra is seen enjoying this face off as she takes a dig at Indi.


Elektra Lopez has become a singles competitor ever since her faction Legado Del Fantasma moved to SmackDown without her. Zelina Vega has taken her spot in the faction on the blue brand now.

Upon her return, Lopez attacked Indi Hartwell, starting the feud and Indi obliged by attacking her after Elektra’s match with Sol Ruca. After this attack, Lopez intensified the rivalry in a backstage interview when she said that the Australian hasn’t seen anything yet.


As seen in the TikTok video, Roxanne Perez is a young prodigy at 21 years old who was recently in a feud with Cora Jade, another bright 21 year old. The two were NXT tag team champions before Jade betrayed her and dumped her tag team title in the trash. Perez had to vacate her title as well and faced Jade at Halloween Havoc. In a Weapons Wild match, Roxanne emerged victorious. Recently, she has expressed her interest in the NXT Woman’s Championship. When the champ Mandy Rose asked who her next opponent was on twitter, Roxanne replied with a “Hey”.


Indi Hartwell is a lot like Elektra Lopez in a way. They were both part of factions, whose members got drafted to the main roster leaving them as singles competitors. Indi’s husband Dexter Lumis is stalking The Miz on RAW and the rest of The Way is also on the red brand.

Her feud with Lopez could get more interesting if Perez joins in.


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