“That’s Roman Reigns’ mood”, Paul Heyman dropped bombs on backstage interview about latest tiff between Cody and Roman

Paul Heyman discussed what Roman Reigns was feeling ahead of their prized outing on the Wrestlemania XL opening night. The wiseman of Roman Reigns believe that the Tribal Chief was certainly worked up and what followed suit was certainly not the best part of the upcoming mega event.

The press event that was held on Thursday this week in Las Vegas and it featured bigger names like Big E, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, the Rock, Roman Reigns himself, Nick Aldis, Triple H himself and Seth Rollins.


During the show, Paul Heyman was asked by Byron Saxton where he was asked about Roman Reigns who happen to be the client of the wise man. Heyman was furious. He was not taking anything and went all guns blazing at Saxton.

Here is what Paul Heyman had to say about Roman Reigns

Paul said, “Mood? What type of mood? He’s honored to be here since you are in The Bloodline locker room, Byron. Thank you so much. It has made his mood so much better to come to Vegas just to see you. Did that answer your question about his mood?”


He further added, “Here’s the mood in The Bloodline locker room. The mood is no different than it’s been for three and a half years. We look at the outside world and what do we hear? “We want Cody, we want Cody.” And then we hear everybody chanting and cheering.”

Paul also added, “We also see all the love for the biggest star in history, The Rock. Everybody wants to talk about The Rock. But you know what everybody is really talking about?”


He concluded by stating, “Which one of them gets to main event WrestleMania with Roman Reigns. That’s what this is all about… And until someone beats Roman, that’s where the main event of WrestleMania will remain to be. That’s Roman Reigns’ mood.”



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