AEW reportedly offers a contract to Adam Cole

Adam Cole is one of the hottest free agents in the world of pro wrestling right now. The former WWE NXT Champion is still actively performing for the WWE. However, as per rumors, his contract had expired earlier this year, and he signed a small extension so that he can complete his feud with Kyle O’Reilly.

In case you didn’t know, Adam Cole is currently involved in a rivalry with his former Undisputed Era stablemate Kyle O’Reilly. The two former best friends have been destroying each other in NXT. It seems like Adam will leave the WWE after his rivalry with Kyle.


According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the fast-rising competitors of the WWE, have even approached Adam Cole with a contract. Many fans would know that Cole’s girlfriend Dr. Britt Baker performs in AEW as well. Hence, if he joins AEW, he can travel with his partner.

Booker T comments on Adam Cole potentially joining AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently gave his views on former WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole potentially moving to All Elite Wrestling. Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T stated that Adam had worked really hard to reach the position where he is in the WWE. Hence, in Booker T’s opinion, Adam should stick with WWE at least for now.


“I think Adam Cole worked a hell of a long time to get to that point and to just throw it all away because of what you hear on social media, I just don’t think that would be smart,” Booker T said. 

It will be exciting to see where does Cole land up next. One thing seems sure looking at the recent happenings and that is the WWE-AEW fanbase will have to wait for a while before knowing Cole’s future.


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