Sami Zayn thinks he is more beloved and respected than The Undertaker

Sami Zayn is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world right now. However, the Canadian superstar has never received the booking he deserves in the WWE. Barring a couple of storylines, Sami has not received a proper booking in his WWE career. Recently, Zayn joined the SmackDown brand as a part of the WWE Draft 2021.

On the previous episode of WWE SmackDown, WWE official Sonya Deville was having a backstage interview that was interrupted by Sami Zayn. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was not satisfied with the management’s call to leave him out of the show. Thus, Sami tried to convince Sonya how he has been a locker room leader and hence deserved a place on the card. He also pointed out that Survivor Series is approaching.


Sonya Deville paid little attention to what Sami Zayn had to say

Sony Deville is currently involved in a rivalry with Naomi on WWE SmackDown. Since her segment with Naomi was up next, Sonya did not pay heed to what Zayn had been saying. Even the WWE production crew was not much interested. They moved the camera to Naomi’s entrance while Sami was still speaking backstage.

This approach of the WWE officials has angered the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. He took it to Twitter to express his displeasure.


The angry Liberator of WWE posted the following tweet

Sami, who calls himself the Liberator of the WWE, compared himself to the Undertaker getting disrespected in a recent tweet. In fact, Zayn even claimed that he is more beloved and respected than the Deadman. He posted the video of how the WWE production crew showed no respect to him by cutting his interview midway. Here’s what he wrote on the microblogging platform:

“I’ve never seen WWE cut anyone off the air in mid-sentence like this, let alone a respected veteran & locker room leader. Imagine they did this to The Undertaker 20 years ago?! It’s like that, but even worse, since I’m even more beloved & respected.”



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