Rikishi posts a two-worded tweet that would echo the fans about the current situation of Cody Rhodes and the Bloodline

In the latest episode of Smackdown, Cody Rhodes faced Roman Reigns and eventually he introduced the Rock as his challenge at the Wrestlemania. Ever since the n, fans have been divided with one section of the same wanting Rhodes himself to battle Reigns while the other would love to see the Great One in action. A flurry of wrestlers have also joined this debate with Logan Paul and Matt Cardona teaming up with Rhodes.

With this debate raging wild, former WWE legend, Rikishi came up with a two worded tweet that has been somewhat of the expression for all the fans alike. Rikishi tweeted, “What’s happening?” Well the answer is not known by anyone right now. The fans were hoping that the time has come for Cody Rhodes to finally get hold of his desired spot right at the top of the roster.


But then somehow in an attempt to introduce the Rock into the story, WWE has opened up two many tributaries and now they are kind of forcing a close. A close that will probably be more messed up than ever. In all likelihood, Cody may be pushed to being a heel where he challenges the Rock in another PPV except the WM and eventually bag the title.

Here is the movement that wants Cody Rhodes to fight

However, both Cody and the Rock are two stars who commands a sizeable fan base and the fans are actually not happy that the WWE wants the Great One to main-event WM. And truth being told, with the Rock being a part-timer, he possibly has no intent of staying long either.


Now as Rikishi pointed out that what’s happening, similarly the fans are enraged at whatever is taking shape now and there is a movement in place which states Cody should be the one to fight this battle and deservedly so.



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