Austin Theory Goes Through A Major Change Of Character On RAW

Austin Theory has gone through a major character change ever since losing his Money In The Bank contract last week. He showed a vicious unseen side of himself by unleashing ruthless attacks on RAW.

During a backstage interview with Cathy Kelly, Theory was visibly agitated when he asked her not to refer to him as the former Mr. MITB. When asked about the failed cash in, he explained why he went after the United States championship. He reminded that when he tried cashing it in at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar intervened and at Clash At The Castle, boxer Tyson Fury did the same. If he did try cashing it in on Roman Reigns once again, the outcome would be the same, because of his Bloodline. That’s why, going after Seth Rollins and the United States Championship was his next best choice. But this time it was Bobby Lashley who cost him the opportunity. He said that the MITB contract was an anchor holding him back.


WWE veteran Dolph Ziggler then confronted him, accusing him of just having excuses and Theory challenged him to a match. He said that he was tired of people calling him the future and called himself “The Now”.


Theory seemed intense as he walked towards the ring without his mobile phone and wasn’t taking any selfies either. The match itself was good and even though he had Ziggler beat, he didn’t pin him. He went on to assault Dolph and repeatedly banged his head on the announcer’s table, getting disqualified in the process. He continued his attack on the veteran by the ringside area, even after the bell rang. The officials finally had to step in to stop the assault.

After the RAW main event, he made his presence felt by attacking Seth Rollins and holding up the US title indicating that he is still coming for it.


This repackaged intense Austin Theory has the potential to become a legitimate threat to the world title, whether he has the briefcase or not.


Akashdip Singh

Jobber writer for WWE related content

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