“You learn from falling down”, DDP’s iconic words to Cody Rhodes that still ring louder

One year from that hallowed night in Wrestlemania 39 and Cody Rhodes still hasn’t forgotten that cursed night where Roman Reigns walked away with the title from him. However, things changed for the American Nightmare as his dream of finally snatching the title back from Roman Reigns is back to him.

Keeping aside the possible plot twists and stuff, Cody has come a long way from wrestling in high school. After losing for the first time in his high-school wrestling, former WWE legend, Diamond Dallas Page, a regular guest at Cody’s shows talked to him and it was his magic words that entirely changed the game for Cody.


In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apte, DDP revealed that he made quite a few significant visits from Los Angeles to Atlanta just to see Dusty’s son wrestle.

DDP said, “I was living in LA when Cody was a junior in high school, and that was the year when he got that 33 and 0. I told him that if you end up in the state finals I’ll be there. He goes, ‘Seriously? You’re gonna come back?’ I go, ‘Dude, once you get to the finals, I’ll be there.’ I booked a flight right away and watched him go 48 and 0.”


Here is what DDP had to tell Cody Rhodes after his first defeat

He further added, “His senior year, he lost his 12th or 13th match. He was undefeated until then. He was really upset about it, and I said, ‘Code, do you think you learn anything from winning or losing?’ I said, ‘You learn from falling down, making mistakes, bro.’ I go, ‘What did you learn from that?’ I tell you what he ended up learning, is that every kid after that just didn’t wanna get pinned by Cody Rhodes.”

He concluded by saying, “So, he figured it out, and after he’d take them down, he’d let them up, then he’d take them down, then let them up, then he’d take them down, then he’d let them up, then he’d take them down, and he’d pin them.”


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