“It’s a threat!”, Shayna Baszler underlines a menace in the WWE Women’s Locker Room

Shayna Baszler is a reckoning force in the WWE and has been doing rounds for her towering physique inflicting pain upon her opposition. Not only has she ruled the roost with an iron fist but her MMA match-up with Ronda Rousey just shows why she is one of the finest that WWE now has in their women’s section.

She was recently asked by Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Emily Mae on her reaction to Love and WWE, a premium show that will be featuring two of the finest wrestlers from the industry, Bianca Belair and her husband Montez Ford. The show is a sneak peak into their real lives and will be bringing the public closer to a pro-wrestler’s life.


Here is what Shayna Baszler had to say about her run in the WWE locker’s room

Baszler said, “It’s kinda crazy. You know, I have been on a reality show or two myself, so it would be interesting to see the similarities. You know, I am a little offended that I wasn’t invited to go do something fun to be honest. But we will see, we will see. Maybe I will pop in there this season. You gotta tune in I guess.”

She further added, “There was a time period after I had that [WWE WrestleMania 36] match with Becky [Lynch]. I lost and I was down about that… WrestleMania seems like the end of the [line], right? So I [was] like, ‘Now what? I missed it.”


She continued, “[I have] the type of style where people go, ‘Oh! Shayna’s back! And it’s a threat. With what I bring to the table, it’s not a common thing, especially as far as the women’s division.”

Baszler will be hopeful of another humdinger creative after betraying Ronda Rousey that sent the audience into a frenzy as the two women rocked and rolled their way through a bunch of superstars only to meet the summit clash themselves.


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