Dominik Mysterio Home Invades…His Own Home On Thanksgiving!

Dominik Mysterio just ruined Thanksgiving for his family, The Mysteries. He showed up at the home of his father, Rey Mysterio, and attacked him with his “Mami” Rhea Ripley during their dinner.

Dominik turned heel in September when he turned against Rey by attacking him and joining his new family, The Judgment Day.  “Dom Dom” showed up at the front door of his house with cameras and Rhea Ripley. His mom Angie answered the door and was surprised to see them. She asked them to leave and shut the door. He rang the doorbell again and Rey answered this time while putting on his mask and asking them to go away. As he was closing the door, Ripley pushed through, throwing Rey on the floor. The menacing couple then launched a vicious attack on senior Mysterio after the home invasion. Dominik even disgustingly attacked his father’s injured and plastered foot with living room objects while Ripley held him down.


A crying Angie came to check on Rey but noticeably their daughter Aalyah was nowhere to be seen. She had been a part of WWE programming in 2020. The young girl was in a romantic storyline with Rhea’s real-life boyfriend Buddy Murphy. Aaliyah last made a guest appearance on RAW in July when Ripley assaulted her during a family celebration. This could have been the perfect opportunity for the Mysterio princess to hit back.


Dominik turned on his father at Clash At The Castle PPV in September after Rey and Edge’s tag team match against Finn Bálor and Damian Priest. Even though they won the match, Dom attacked both Edge and Rey, eventually joining hands with their rivals, Judgment Day.


He has since humiliated Rey many times claiming his father was holding him back. Rey even moved to SmackDown to stay away from his ingrate son.

Rhea Ripley will be part of the Women’s WarGames match with Damage CTRL and Nikki Cross at Survivor Series tomorrow.


Akashdip Singh

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