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5 Best Masked Wrestlers To Have Rocked Ring Of Honour

Ring of honour: Masked wrestlers have always been a thing of intense inclination for wrestling fans. Their in-ring talent is way too excellent, and their agility blows their popularity through the roofs. The clique of masked wrestlers has always managed to wreak out intense shouts of joy from the entire arena.

ROH known for its talent developing pedestals and unleashing the most renowned wrestlers in the world, bragged about a roster that produced the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, and CM Punk.


For a change, however, this story will be talking about the five best wrestlers who are or were masked and have belted out a handful of a masterclass, becoming the most phenomenal masked wrestlers in Ring of Honour.

#5 Hurricane Helms

The real-life superhero made his ROH footfall in 2018 and was an instant sensation, unfurling his Hurra powers with pomp and vigor. In his very second match, he joined forces with fellow masked man, Delirious to drub the two-time erstwhile ROH World Tag Team Champions, The Addiction comprising Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.


Not one story of rivalry goes by where a hero transcends himself without a villain and talking about the antagonist, Hurricane’s nemesis in ROH was ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll. Sadly for the masked grappler, swathed in green, it was Scurll who prevailed over Hurricane, but the latter won the adulation of the fans without a second thought.

#4 Delirious

Hailing from the Edge of Sanity in 2004, the madman spewing hellacious gibberish has been utterly dominant in the Ring of Honour. It took him two years with the company to win his first bout, but the following and admiration that he garnered over the years were way too overwhelming.


He won the 2006 Survival of the Fittest and emerged as a top challenger for the ROG World Championship. Over the past few years, he hasn’t really been regular, but you simply never know what comes next when Delirious is involved.

#3 Bandido

It hasn’t been long since Bandido exploded in the ROH scene, and he has been way too flamboyant both in terms of chic and wrestling flair to be cast aside. He is dynamic, explosive, and extremely aggressive that sets him aside from other greenhorns.


He won his debut match in a thriller that witnessed him enduring a slugfest and finally getting the better of Mark Haskins, winning a berth at LifeBlood. He perfectly blends agility with aggression, making good use of his body weight. He boasts of an impressive resume that bore witness to the victories over Jay Briscoe, Shane Taylor and Silas Young.

#2 Dragon Lee

The ROH roster has been terrorized by the arrival of RUSH’s brother, Dragon Lee for the last three years now. The gravity-defying Luchador registered his biggest victory in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title bout at the G1 super card in front of a packed crowd at the Madison Square Garden. The match-up included Dragon Lee, Bandido and Taiji Ishimori.


He claimed another remarkable victory over Jeff Cobb handing him a black swan pinfall loss at the Experience. His high-flying skills make him a menacing moniker to behold in the pro-wrestling roster.

#1 El Generico

With a more or less simple physique which is usually uncharacteristic of a pro-wrestler, Generico completely changed the game of the masked wrestlers. Once he took to the ring, he was a formidable force to behold and completely destroyed any opposition that came in his way.


Sadly, things got a bit out of hand when he claimed that he was a Spanish-speaking Luchador which definitely wasn’t true, but these words got lost in translation after the world was introduced to his insane wrestling skills. He is a former ROH World Television Champion and was also a part of the ROH Tag Team Championship for a while. His mordant rancor with Kevin Steele is regarded as one of the most humdinger rivalries in ROH.



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